Say Good-bye to Your Allergies

What is NAET? 

NAET is a simple technique that involves art and science from various medical disciplines. It can give relief from multitudes of commonly seen health disorders, those that originally started with some allergic reactions. It requires patience on the part of the practitioner as well as the patient because it sometimes takes numerous office visits for optimum recovery, especially recovery from long-term or serious health disorders. NAET is simple and so effective that some people can experience immediate relief; although most people must be treated for the Basic 15 Allergens first. Many people need a number of office visits to feel better.

When you get treated with NAET, your body will not react to these allergens anymore. When you get them into your body, the body will throw them out through a natural elimination process without alerting the immune system. As long as you are allergic to these items, the electromagnetic field disturbance will alert the immune system every time you approach the items. After you replace the faulty program with a new, corrected one by treating and clearing the allergies to nutritious foods and produces, you will be able to consume them freely without getting sick.  

- text taken from NAET: Say Good-bye to Your Allergies by Dr. Devi Nambudripad