Tynan's Story - Infant Eczema

"Tynan's story starts when he was just 2 months old. He was born with perfect, smooth, silky baby skin and there were no signs of eczema anywhere. We eat high quality whole foods and I am very careful about exposing our family to toxins. We lead a Paleo-ish lifestyle with all organic produce and grass-fed/wild meats. I do everything in my power to keep our family truly healthy and happy.

It all started one day with patches of red dry skin all over Tynan's body. I just thought it was a bout of dry skin and that it would quickly disappear. His dry skin quickly turned into water blisters accompanied by super red inflammation with cracking and eventually bleeding open wounds. Tynan's lips and eyes would also swell up and he began vomiting on a regular basis. It became extremely scary and uncontrollable very quickly. I was in such shock and disbelief I didn't really know what to do. I found myself in a downward spiral of frustration, confusion, anger, and resentment. I had worked so hard to make sure something like this wouldn't happen.

Tynan - Infant Ezcema - NAET

By 5 months I was incredibly desperate to find a cure, to help our little man find some comfort and relief. I had tried everything anyone would suggest including an extreme elimination diet (Tynan was exclusively breast feeding) consisting of just chicken, a few vegetables, and apples. I did this for weeks with no change except for me being high strung and hungry. I tried all the natural creams and lotions we could find. The only other option was steroid creams and I knew it would only mask the symptoms not heal what was causing such horrifying skin irritations, plus the long term effect of the cream was not worth it to me. That is when I scoured the internet for something and/or someone who could truly help us. I knew there was a holistic answer to our nightmare. I came across NAET. Being in the holistic world for many years, I had only heard about NAET in passing and didn't really understand how it would work (and still don't fully understand how it works), but I was willing to try anything and very open to the idea. A non-invasive, natural way to get rid of this infant eczema? We are in!

Tynan - NAET - Infant Ezcema

I took Tynan for his first NAET appointment when he was 6 months old. After just 1 month I could see some changes in his skin breakouts. The hives that had previously consumed his entire body had disappeared for the most part. He would still get hives if he smelled something that he was sensitive to. Before NAET I was guessing at what was making Tynan's skin so irritated and it turns out I was completely wrong. With NAET and Miss Selena we were able to narrow it down to a particular irritant(s) and treat him accordingly. I would have never guessed that cotton, pollen, mold, and my breast milk were the main factors. I just always thought it was from food.

For the next few months Tynan still had breakouts, one right after the other. We would get one thing cleared and another irritant would rear its ugly head. Every time a breakout started Miss Selena would tell me exactly what to do and it would alleviate the aggravation so Tynan could have a bit of relief. Miss Selena was so incredibly responsive and helpful. I have never had or heard of a healthcare practitioner be so involved and who wanted to truly help in any way.

Tynan is now 11 months old and is a completely different baby. We are able to take him out in public without massive breakouts. He has come out of his shell and his personality is finally shinning through. I had not realized before but I was the only one he would let hold him and I literally had to hold him 24/7. It has been a HUGE relief not only to him but to me too. Our lives have been forever changed. Truly unbelievable and amazing that what was irritating him in the past won't harm him for the rest of his life.

We are so thankful for finding NAET and Miss Selena. We highly recommend anyone dealing with illness or disease to give it a try!"

- Heidi Fiscus, Charlotte, NC


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