Enviromental Sensitivities

Definition of Environmental Allergy

An environmental allergy is a reaction to one or more of the following: pollens from weeds, trees, flowers and grasses, cotton, natural materials, chemical factors, pesticides, sand, dirt, precious stones, dust, and insects. These allergies can cause frequent tearing from the eyes, sneeze, wheeze, asthma and other upper respiratory disturbances.


Case Study: Fern Tree Caused His Seizures

"Karl, a man in his early 60's, came to my office, nearly incapacitated by lapses of memory and seizures that resembled some form of epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease or perhaps a mild stroke. He would often wander off in total confusion or complete amnesia, sometimes losing track of significant blocks of time. Neurological examination and a CAT scan showed his brain-wave pattern to be completely normal. After considerable detective work, the cause in this case turned out to be the airborne spores of a fern tree he had recently planted in his backyard. After successful NAET treatment for the fern, his symptoms subsided."

- Dr. Devi Nambudripad 

Case Study: Chronic Low Back Pain

"I suffered from low back pain for years. I have tried other treatments for the same pain in the past without any results. Then I started NAET. I receive several NAET treatments for the pain to no avail. Devi's tests indicated that the water I was drinking was a main source of the pain. According to her the water chemicals were affecting my liver and gall bladder. But I had to wait until I completed minerals and salt mix treatment before treating for the water chemicals.

During one of Mala's later treatments for the left, lower back pain, I asked Mala why the pain moved from my left knee to my left back, hip and leg. Then she said something most significant. She said because both locations are on the gall bladder meridian. MRT was also weak on urinary bladder meridian. She treated me for the gall bladder and urinary bladder tissue in the office. Then I continued to self-treat every two hours at home. I then self-treated a combo of the bladder tissue with my drinking water. Then I treated a combo of the bladder tissue, gall bladder tissue, liver tissue and water. END OF PAIN 100%!

Now all my meridians are unblocked and clear and I feel really young and strong. Without both Devi and Mala - the dynamic duo - and without the skills they taught me, I never would have found the sources of the pain, treated them and eliminated them 100%."

- Dikran Ayarian, Ph.D, Beverly Hills, CA

- text taken from NAET: Say Good-be to Your Allergies and Say Good-bye to Illness both by Dr. Devi Nambudripad