Definition of Allergy Related Autism

Autism is a nutritional deficiency disorder causing biological, neurological and developmental problems in children. The nutritional deficiency is not caused by failing to take enough nutrients by mouth, but by poor digestion, absorption, assimilation and utilization of essential nutrients due to allergies. Autistic children are not digesting whatever they consume and their bodies do not receive essential nutrients from food or supplements they take.


Case Study: 7-year-old Autistic Child

"Steven, a seven-year-old autistic child began treatment on the same day when I started my treatment. I distinctly remember his appearance on the first day of his visit in Dr. Devi's office. He was bumping into things and people, had no awareness of the surroundings or people, was flapping his hands, pulling his sleeves, chewing his clothes, running back and forth in the waiting room aimlessly, etc. Then I didn't see him for a while, because we both had appointments at different times. I saw him the other day again, and I couldn't recognize him. His mother said he had 11 treatments. He has not yet treated for immunizations. He was sitting in the TV room with other children and watching TV calmly. What a transformation! I wonder why more people don't look for NAET or take their autistic children to NAET practitioners!"

- Karen Wagemaker, Los Angeles, CA


Case Study: 4-year-old Autistic Child

"I would be ungrateful, indeed, not to tell you about my son, and not to thank you, Dr. Devi, from the bottom of my aching heart for working so hard not only in discovering this wonderful technique, but for spreading the word and training to so many doctors! My four-year-old son, Alex, has not been without allergies a day in his life. Two months ago, he was diagnosed as having Asperger's Syndrome (a.k.a.. High-Functioning Autism). A licensed social worker has been working with Alex's refusal to eat and difficulty with textures, etc., for over a year now. I researched through the internet for over a month about Asperger's and any possible cure. A month into my research, I was referred to NAET by a woman I met on an Asperger's therapy website message board. Alex is now seeing a NAET doctor, and has been cleared the first 5 allergies, with the exception of eggs. That being said, let me share with you what happened yesterday!

Alex saw his therapist who hasn't seen him since he first started his NAET treatments. I had not mentioned his allergy treatments to the therapist. I wanted to see if he'd notice enough of a difference in Alex all on his own. After the session, the therapist came out incredibly excited, and dumbfounded! "WHAT has he been LIKE at home?!! This is NOT the SAME KID!!!" He went on and on about his complete change in behavior, and I just sat grinning and cheering! He said, "This kid is not autistic! Not anymore! No way!" I briefly started telling him about the allergy treatments, and the successes Dr. Nambudripad has had with autistic kids. He couldn't have been more eager to get the name and phone number of Alex's doctor! He was very pleased when I handed him the Doctor's business card. I left rejoicing, wanting to fall to my knees right there in public and thank my Creator! What a miracle! Being a little self-conscious, I instead called Alex's allergy doctor and thanked him. I've been on cloud 9 ever since! Blessings in life do not get any better than this. Alex still has a long list of troubles and an even longer list of allergies, but I'm so excited to continue his NAET treatments and watch his future change from sick, and dysfunctional to healthy and bright. Thank you for providing hope and health for my sweet little boy. When I told Alex's NAET doctor about the therapist's amazement, he just chuckled and said, "Fun, isn't it?" Was he kidding?! I say it is nothing short of a miracle! Alex's father and I will be eternally grateful! We will not be silent. We will spread the word of NAET and the miracle that it is."

- Abby Wan, Eagle Mountain, Utah

- text taken from Say Good-bye to Allergy-related Autism by Dr. Devi Nambudripad