Eczema & Infant Eczema

Definition of Eczema

An inflammatory process of the skin resulting from skin allergies causing dry, itchy, crusty, scaly, weepy, blisters or eruptions on the skin. Skin rash frequently caused by allergy.


Case Study: Water Blisters & Itchy Skin Rash

"It all started one day with patches of red dry skin all over Tynan's body. I just thought it was a bout of dry skin and that it would quickly disappear. His dry skin quickly turned into water blisters accompanied by super red inflammation with cracking and eventually bleeding open wounds. Tynan's lips and eyes would also swell up and he began vomiting on a regular basis."



Case Study: Skin Rashes

"For decades, I had a severe diffuse skin rash on my chest and upper abdomen due to allergies. After 8 months of weekly NAET treatments for food allergies, the skin rash disappeared."

- Aladar Kabok, MD, Newport Beach, CA

Case Study: Allergy to Pet Caused Eczema

"We found NAET as an answer to my second daughter's eczema. Within 3 early treatments Lianna's eczema had gone from a bleeding rash covering most of her body to an occasional redness behind her knees. I had also been having treatments for lifelong allergies and we were both enjoying the freedom that comes with NAET.

That was until her new pets arrived, a rabbit and guinea pig that she didn't put down for days. Lianna's discomfort began showing up as restless nights and I was itching and couldn't sleep. On the third night after the animals arrived home, Lianna woke up at 10pm crying, hot and itching, with inflamed eyes and a runny nose. I undressed her and she was covered in an eczema rash.

We were having dinner with friends, one of whom happened to be qualified in NAET. Lianna and I were both allergic to the new pets and she treated us then and there. We both slept well that night, Lianna's symptoms resolved and the rash receded over the next few days and I stopped itching. Since then the animals are kissed and cuddled everyday without any problem. 

This is just one of many NAET treatments I can be thankful for. Thanks Devi and the NAET practitioners who have helped us here in Melbourne."

- Lisa Bodley, Victoria, Australia

Case Study: Allergic to Pasta Caused His Eczema

"I have a five-year-old patient with eczema and skin rashes who can test his allergies to foods in his way more accurately than his mother's MRT test on him. One day his mother tested him on his pasta dinner and found him to be non-allergic to it. But he insisted that he was allergic to the paste not the sauce. Due to the mother's insistence, he ate the pasta and woke up in hives and rashes in the morning. The mother brought him to the office and I found him to be allergic to the pasta and not the tomato sauce. Then his mother told me that he intuitively knew it before he ate it. So he told me that he held a piece of pasta in his hand and he felt tingling all over as if he was being tickled by someone. He had learned the testing procedure at one of our patient-education seminars. He paid attention and learned it but not the mother.

When he completed his treatment for pasta and grains, his eczema and rashes cleared up."

- Dr. Devi Nambudripad


- text taken from NAET: Say Good-bye to Your Allergies by Dr. Devi Nambudripad