Selena Webb

Selena Webb, ND, has been an avid enthusiast and NAET practitioner since 1997.

Her insight into the relief NAET can provide for many health conditions, began with her young daughter's allergy to egg white. She found the ease with which the egg white allergy was eliminated by NAET so fascinating, that it eventually led to her fulltime career as an NAET practitioner in her own clinic, jointly owned by David C. Matthews, MD, also an NAET practitioner.

Her clinic was originally founded and owned by Robert M. Prince, MD, also an NAET practitioner. Dr. Matthews and Dr. Prince are remotely active in the clinic while maintaining their careers in plastic surgery and psychiatry, respectively. Both physicians are especially known for their compassionate nature.

Selena began working in Dr. Prince's NAET clinic well over a decade ago and loves the unique personalities of each patient.

"Each success story is brand new- as though it's never happened before. I never tire of hearing the patients tell me that their symptoms and health conditions, big or small, are lessoning or have completely disappeared. It's always new. It's always exciting and I give honor and great thanks to our loving Creator who allowed Dr. Devi Nambudripad's inspiration of the technique, NAET."