Robert Prince

Dr. Robert Prince, MD was a practicing psychiatrist for over 45 years (1969-1988) traveling to Mental Health Clinics all over South Carolina. He has also been a part-time NAET practitioner since 1997.

In 2000, Dr. Prince and his wife Iris went to Holland and France to teach NAET, practitioners eagerly embraced this new way to eliminate allergies and achieve optimum health. They had an interesting life before they discovered NAET. But all the "Standard Medicine is the only way" went out the window when they discovered NAET, which is only a small part of what Western Medicine has overlooked and often debunked - (because it was not their idea and was also outside of their control). 

Later in 2009 Dr. Prince and his wife jointly published the book: Can Allergies Really Be Eliminated: Can They Do That? (available through Amazon and Author House). In their book, they were able to include a first-person account of a patients experience with her child's crisis with anaphylaxis and their journey toward healing with NAET.

"We as NAET practitioners have the opportunity to work with an innovative original mind (Dr. Devi) that has unearthed a unique drug-free approach to bettering your health and we applaud her with love and respect her dedication to this enterprise".

Dr. Prince and his wife are semi-retired with 2 children, 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. He is hoping to begin practicing Telepsychiatry on a limited basis in the near future.

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